Hello world. I don't know what to write.

Things did happen. I am currently trying to face the horizon to catch some hope.

Even if I wasn't that much integrated in the creative process the recent events hurt me. I am a gamer as you probably are. As we all are. And I know, that the current project (Lost in the Darkness) was something special.

When you set your goal to creating a storytelling adventure game based on an exact virtual recreation of an ocean liner at the highest level of detail you know there is a lot of work going on. And the team managed to not only get the results that we have shown on e.g. YouTube but also much more. The lovely work on the interior. Everybodys enthusiasm for the little things not many people would recognize on the tons of plans and photographs. The believe in the project.

Is the projects history really repeating itself?

I hope not. I hope that the team will get back together. I don't know how to handle trust for some members. I, who is writing this text, but also the team for sure doesnt want to give up, what we had. But currently we have to face legal stuff. You know... It should never come to those situations in such a project. Please let us consider now. And no matter how and with whom the project is going to run in the future: Please be aware that maybe nobody will know all the facts, so don't judge disrespectfully about any of the team members. I will do neither.

Rene, Community Manager of ORM

If you wish, contact me via e-mail.